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Cecil Peak


Close to Queenstown – Cecil Peak packages start from $3495

Cecil Peak is a popular landing location for mountain weddings and surprisingly affordable. It is one of the closest with just a short helicopter flight from Queenstown Airport. The Peak is approximately 4500 ft high with large areas of flat rock and tussock.

There are multiple options for landing locations including The Ledge, Cecil Peak Station, Upper Ridgeline and Garden Spurs. As such it offers lots of flexibility to find the perfect ceremony location for different wind directions and weather conditions.

The Ledge

Views from The Ledge overlook Lake Wakatipu towards Glenorchy and back across to Queenstown township. High cliffs and rocky outcrops make for dramatic photos. The terrain includes some grassy areas and lots of smooth flat rock so it is relatively easy to walk around. There are some areas with narrow walkways and cliffs so if children are involved in your ceremony they need to be well-supervised.

Garden Spurs

Garden Spurs are located on the south side of Cecil Peak and look back towards The Remarkables mountain range. There are multiple landing spots at varying elevations. You’ll find flat grassy plains, large areas of uneven terrain and rocky outcrops, mountain tarns after rain and occasionally a spontaneous waterfall.

Upper Ridgeline

The Ridgeline is a dramatic landing spot right at the top of Cecil Peak. From here you’ll have views across to The Remarkables and over Lake Wakatipu toward Glenorchy. A good option to find snow in the shoulder seasons on a calm day.

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